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Golden Food

Hygienic one-stop destination providing fresh products that cater nutritious daily-needs and satisfy food lovers.

Golden Food sources products from Shreenagar Agritech Industries Limited and Budhathoki Cold Store to complete the Farm to Fork chain. We are bio secure, ethical, quality certified, antibiotic and hormone free. We aim to provide our customers a diverse range of products from both local farmers and global producers. Order online at or the Golden Food app, available from App Store and Play Store.

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Golden Fresh Mart

Golden Fresh Mart is the midtown supermarket offering daily, basic, fresh and frozen food items such as meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and bakery items in the neighborhood area. Golden Fresh Mart sells Shreenagar’s labeled products with in-depth quality check keeping freshness and hygiene as top priority. It has a home delivery system and online purchase packages to provide best services to all consumers.

Golden Egg

Golden Eggs are quality eggs produced at Shreenagar's Poultry farms - collected, cleaned, graded and distributed by Shreenagar Agritech Industries Limited (SAIL). These eggs are available at all leading departmental stores in Kathmandu Valley and gradually distributed to retail outlets and market outside the valley.
  • Uniform in size.
  • Fresh from the healthy farms.
  • Nutritious and tasty.
  • Printed brand name on each eggs.
  • Attractive packaging with best before date.

Sunaulo Anda

Sunaulo Egg
Golden Fresh Mart
Meat Processing Cold Store

YUM YUM Restaurant

Yum Yum Cafe serves dishes that are more innovative yet satiating to any palette, through a fusion of Asian flavors. Being in the agro and food industry, having a restaurant addes to the experience of the Farm to Fork model SAIL wants to depict.

YUM YUM Delicacies

Sushi on Yum Yum’s menu is made from a variety of uncommon and super food ingredients. For example, the Fuji Maki Sushi has a papaya, cream cheese, and cucumber filling and comes with Ponzu mayonnaise dressing. The citrus flavor of Ponzu sauce when mixed with cream cheese provides a dessert-like essence to the dish. One can also find an abundant amount of Seafood dishes and Chinese cuisine-inspired curries at YUM YUM Delicacies.

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