About Us

Shreenagar is dedicated to the well-being, prosperity and happiness of farmers. Our simple ideas have added impact to our farmers lives and the quality of work in the agriculture sector, nationally.

Inspired by the
beauty of Shreenagar

Shreenagar Danda in Palpa, also known as the queen of hills, from where the SAIL derives its name, remains our inspiration. Inspired by the beauty of Shreenagar, our farm locations and holdings are closer to nature with peaceful, clean and green environment.

From Ideas to Impact

Starting from modest beginnings in 2002, Shreenagar Agro Farm (SAF) has grown into Nepal's leading agri-business providing integrated services. We provide world class seed to farmers in the form of day old chicks and fingerlings and nutritious feed for excellent growth of chicks and fish. We build the capacity of farmers by training them and offering complete technical services including after sales and progress monitored through Shreenagar Agri Service Centre.

With an aim to provide balanced nutrition to households, we are committed to our overarching mission of feeding the nation.

Our Mission

To energise Nepalese agronomy through sector growth led by innovation, quality consciousness, commitment and continuous value addition and services.

Our Vision

To work together with farmers for thier sustainable development through awareness generation, knowledge sharing and proper management.

One Stop Solution To Farmer

SAF chicks

Broiler and Layer Day Old Chicks

Sunaulo Feed

Poultry and Animal Feed


Technical Assistance and Training

Contract Farming

Buyback Eggs and Chicken From Farmers

Branded Eggs & Meat

Golden Eggs and Meat

Haap fries & Hatchlings

Fish fries & Hatchlings

Himdana Feed

Extruded floating fish feed


Technical Assistance and training

Contract Farming

Buyback fresh fish from the farmers

Live fresh fish market

Haap Fish


SAIL Chicks: We provide healthy and quality day old broiler (Cobb 500) and layer (Lohmann-Brown and Hisex Brown) chicks. We also provide quality pullet (12-15 weeks, ready to lay eggs) birds, for the first time in Nepal.

HAAP Fish Fries and Hatchlings: We provide mono-sexed Tilapia and Pangus fries and hatchlings to fish farmers from our own hatcheries and link them with our partner hatcheries for carp and trout fries.


Sunaulo Feed: We provide balanced and nutritious pellet and/or mash poultry and animal feed produced by the latest Dutch technology.

Himdana Feed: We provide floating fish feed manufactured by international extrusion technology, for the first time in Nepal.


Shreenagar Agri Service Centre: We provide technical, managerial and veterinary services to the farmers on regular visits and through our service centre. We also provide orientation to create awareness and training to build capacity of farmers. We have a pool of technical experts in our advisory committee and have affiliation with agri institutes like Rampur Agriculture Campus, HICAST, JTA and Vet associations.

Contract Farming

We have introduced the concept of contract farming, wherein farmers are provided with SAF layer chicks/hatchlings, feed and technical support with buy back arrangements in an integrated approach.

Market Links

We connect the farmers with meat shops, cold stores and slaughter houses to ensure that they get markets for their ready birds. Eggs collected from farmers are processed under quality control measures and distributed under the brand name Golden Egg with best before dates, introduced for the first time in Nepal. We organise Live Fish Market to provide fresh and healthy fish right from the fish ponds of our farmers. Sunaulo Mal, organic manure collected from the poultry shed is distributed back to the farmers.

Leadership Team

Satish Chand Shrestha

Managing Director, SAIL
Mr. Satish C. Shrestha is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of SAIL – having varied interests in Farm, Feed and Food sectors. Satish is a member of the largest poultry and livestock federation in Nepal – Poultry Federation of Nepal, The Nepal Hatchery Industries Association, and Nepal Feed Industries Association. He is involved in the Agriculture Council of CNI (Confederation of Nepalese Industries) – an agricultural think tank that addresses important subjects and concerns to the GoN and various stakeholders of the agriculture sector. He dons the hat of a Director of Nepal Warehousing Company Ltd. too, being the first post-harvest and grain storage solution provider in the country.

Satish got involved in the Agri/Livestock sector by entering into commercial broiler farming in 2002. He was the first to establish the floating and extrusion technology fish feed manufacturing facility in Nepal. He truly believes in the integration of agri-businesses for mutual benefit of all the stakeholders involved. He envisions Shreenagar to become the ‘one-stop solution for farmers’ aiming to provide safe, affordable balanced nutrition to the nation. This holistic ecosystem directly impacts and upscales Nepal’s Agronomy.

Moushumi Shrestha

Social Entrepreneur and Director, SAIL
Ms. Moushumi Shrestha is an Honorary Consul General of Sweden in Nepal.

Moushumi is also the Director of Shreenagar Group of Companies and Founder of Shree Kisan Innovation. She has successfully established an ideological model for farmers - One Stop Solution - a providence of seed, feed, technical or managerial service, access to finance, insurance and market links to farmers improvising the quality of life especially in personal developments and professional growth.

Prior to her work in the private sector, Moushumi worked for several INGOs like SNV, Practical Action as Regional Manager for Asia Region in agriculture, climate change, private sector and market system development, renewable energy. Her achievements include multiple recognitions and awards for bringing in new innovations in the field of agriculture including Frontier innovators, Connect to Grow, SPRING accelerator, and Skill for Employment.

She is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization, FNCCI- Start-up and Innovation Committee, Baliyo Nepal and many more. She is on the advisory board of One Egg Org and Egg Bank promoting fighting malnutrition by egg nutrition Protein for All.
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