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Shreenagar Agro Farm (SAF) established in the year 2002, currently is a leading agri-business venture in the country.

SAIL is passionate about agriculture prosperity as well as industrial development on the platform of global agriculture. It is a total integrated system from hatcheries of broiler and layer day old chicks, broiler and layer breeder farms, and buy back of ready birds and eggs from farmers in contract farming concept. The day old chicks (DOCs) sold under the brand name Sunaulo Chicks, are of high quality.

SAIL locations are closer to nature with clean and green surroundings with proper management in bio-secured areas. SAIL continuously trains its team in biosecurity, stock management and follows the highest standards in the industry. The breeder farms and hatcheries are located in Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, and Palpa districts with the corporate office in Tangal, Kathmandu.

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Sunaulo Chicks

SAIL distributes its day old chicks (DOCs) under the name of Sunaulo Chicks. Sunaulo Chicks is one of the quality products of SAIL. SAIL follows the highest standards in the industry giving prime importance to biosecurity, stock management, breed management, nutrition management and emphasizes on research and development. The health quotient of the birds and chick quality are important attributes of Sunaulo chicks success.

Healthy and quality breed of broiler and layer birds


Cobb 500, the world’s most efficient broiler, has been well recognized for its unmatched ability to perform well on economical expenses and lower nutritional density diets, reducing the cost of production of chicken meat worldwide. Cobb broilers have competitive advantage in achieving the lowest cost per kilogram of live weight and have always been known for their high meat yield.
  • Laying period of 18 - 90 weeks
  • Livability of 94 - 96%
  • Feed conversion of approximate 2 feed/kg egg mass
  • Delivered 50% production at the age of 140 - 150 days
  • Peak percentage of 92 - 94%
  • 350 - 360 eggs per hen housed
  • Average egg weight of 64.25g
  • Average feed consumption of 110 - 120g per day

SAIL Lohmann

Increasing worldwide concentration and growing competition in the poultry industry requires efficient upgrades to satisfy specific market requirements. Internationally, Lohmann is ranked as first on poultry health, which is one of the deciding factors for performance and profitability. Lohmann produces eggs of top quality at competitive costs.
  • Laying period of 18-90 weeks
  • Livability of 94-96%
  • Feed conversion of 2-2.1kg feed/kg egg mass
  • Delivered 50% production at the age of 140-150 days
  • Peak percentage of 92-94%
  • 350-360 eggs per hen housed
  • Average egg weight of 64.25g
  • Average feed consumption of 110-120g per day

Sunaulo Technical Services

Shreenagar provides free technical support to farmers and entrepreneurs through services and regular visits of veterinarian,Technicians and Experts. Company also provides Technical Helpline number – 9851140900 for any technical queries for good health management practices.
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