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Sunaulo Feed

Shreenagar Agro Farm (SAF) has been producing quality mash and pellet feed for commercial layers, broilers, pig and cattle under the brand name Sunaulo Feed.

Sunaulo Feed is manufactured from state-of-the-art machine and technology imported from the Netherlands.

It is formulated under supervision of internationally recognised specialists from the animal health and poultry sector. The varieties of Sunaulo Feed available in the market are:

  • Broiler-BPS, B1, B2 and B3.
  • Layer-L1,L2 and L3.
  • Giriraj/Kroiler-G1 and G2
  • Pig-P1, P2 and P3
  • Cattle Feed
  • Breeder-Broiler and Layer Feed

With current production capacity of 30,000 MT per annum, we command a 5-10% share in the national feed market.

Special Attributes

  • Better FCR
  • Quality raw materials and world-class feed additives and supplements added under supervision of world renowned nutritionist.
  • The quality of raw materials used for the production of Sunaulo Feed are tested as per standard at our laboratory.
  • Use of durable PP bags to avoid any damages and increase the shelf life of feed.
  • Inclusion of batch card to trace any manufacturing errors of feed.


Golden Product Price
  • Golden Egg 30pcs Rs. 450
  • Golden Egg 12pcs Rs. 185
  • Golden Egg 6pcs Rs. 95
  • Sunaulo Anda 30pcs Rs. 375
  • Sunaulo Anda 15pcs Rs. 200
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