Shreenagar Group Shree Kisan Innovation Hub Pvt. Ltd.

Shree Kisan Innovation Hub Pvt. Ltd.

Shree Kisan Innovation Hub is the knowledge platform of Shreenagar where we provide advanced services to promote regional agriculture innovation ecosystems in Nepal. Innovation Hub understands market needs and delivers new and innovative, simplified solutions to support a sustainable and profitable agriculture sector. Its core service areas are policy influencing and networking, knowledge centre, upscaling innovation, and agri business incubation. It also provides consultation services, helps in making of agribusiness plans, inspires farmers to implement new and innovative technologies, and promote innovations implemented by farmers through digitization of agriculture value chains.

Shree Kisan Innovation Hub aims to produce model farmers termed ‘Shree Kisan’ who will inspire the best farming practices for other farmers and communities to follow. The purpose of the hub is to transform Nepal’s agricultural sector and highlight the many business opportunities created through the adoption of new technologies and innovative best practices.

Shree Kisan Innovation Hub shares relevant information and conducts valued research—bringing effective low-cost technology and smart services to agriculture market systems. Our approach is for sustainable agriculture and to enable higher productivity and profitability for farming communities.

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Golden Product Price
  • Golden Egg 30pcs Rs. 450
  • Golden Egg 12pcs Rs. 185
  • Golden Egg 6pcs Rs. 95
  • Sunaulo Anda 30pcs Rs. 375
  • Sunaulo Anda 15pcs Rs. 200
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