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Sunaulo Chicks

Shreenagar Agro Farm distributes its day old chicks (DOCs) under the brand name of Sunaulo Chicks. Sunaulo Chicks is one of the quality products of Shreenagar Agro Farm. SAF follows the highest standards in the industry giving prime importance to biosecurity, stock management, breed management, nutrition management and emphasize on research and development. Bird health and chick quality are the important attributes of Sunaulo chicks’ success.


Healthy and quality breed of broiler and layer birds

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Golden Product Price
  • Golden Egg 30pcs Rs. 450
  • Golden Egg 12pcs Rs. 185
  • Golden Egg 6pcs Rs. 95
  • Sunaulo Anda 30pcs Rs. 375
  • Sunaulo Anda 15pcs Rs. 200
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