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Increasing worldwide concentration and growing competition in the poultry industry requires efficient layers to satisfy specific market requirements.

Internationally, Lohmann is ranked as first class for questions on poultry health, which is one of the decisive factors for performance and profitability.

Lohmann produces eggs of top quality at competitive costs. Results of performance comparisons in the field and in independent institutes are proof of this success.

Special Attributes

  • Laying period of 18-90 weeks
  • Livability of 94-96%
  • Feed conversion of 2-2.1kg feed/kg egg mass
  • Delivered 50% production at the age of 140-150 days
  • Peak percentage of 92-94%
  • 350-360 eggs per hen housed
  • Average egg weight of 64.25g
  • Average feed consumption of 110-120g per day


Golden Product Price
  • Golden Egg 30pcs Rs. 450
  • Golden Egg 12pcs Rs. 185
  • Golden Egg 6pcs Rs. 95
  • Sunaulo Anda 30pcs Rs. 375
  • Sunaulo Anda 15pcs Rs. 200
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